What is the National Curriculum?

The National Curriculum is composed of programmes of study in a range of subjects and the attainment targets children are expected to meet at each stage of their school career. The curriculum must be followed by all local authority maintained schools in England.

The National Curriculum lays down standards for learning for all children in such schools from the ages of 5 to 16. It includes:

  • Which subjects should be taught;
  • The key knowledge, skills and understanding each child should achieve in each subject, according to their age;
  • Targets to be achieved and tested by teachers so that it is clear how well each child is doing in each subject; and
  • The ways in which children’s progress should be communicated to parents and to government.

The curriculum is divided down into blocks of years known as ‘key stages’. Your child’s teacher will formally assess their progress at the end of each key stage. The stages and age groups covered are:

  • Key Stage 1 – Ages 4-7
  • Key Stage 2 – Ages 7-11
  • Key Stage 3 – Ages 11-14
  • Key Stage 4 – Ages 14-16

We can offer support to children at any stage of their education. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your child’s needs if you are worried that they are falling behind, or not being sufficiently tested, in one or more of these areas.

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