Throughout your child’s school career, we are here to help them achieve their goals and potential. Private home one-to-one tuition supports them at every educational milestone and in every subject. Tailored and dedicated lessons can be provided in maths, English, science, history, geography, languages and more. Call us to discuss your child’s specific needs.



Maths is used in every aspect of our daily lives. Research shows that poor numeracy skills can have a hugely detrimental effect on future prospects. Our study programme supplements and reinforces school learning from Key Stage 1 to A-Levels.


Literacy and good communication skills underpin achievement and accomplishment in every aspect of your child’s future. Our tutors will drive improvements in your child’s performance, whether they are learning the basics in Key Stage 1 or approaching their A-Levels.


Students who learn to excel in science are proven to develop valuable skills in critical thinking. As science is introduced to children from an increasingly young age, the right support to foster and grow an interest in the subject becomes ever more crucial to your child’s success.

Exam Preparation

It’s no longer enough to parrot facts and figures in exams. Critical reasoning and thinking skills, good time management and effective revision techniques can reduce exam nerves and enhance performance on the day, whether for SATs, at 11+, GSCE or A Level.

Key Stage 1 (Age 4-7)

At this stage, your child is developing the confidence and the key skills he or she will need throughout school in English and Maths. We complement and enhance the school curriculum, giving them the fundamental competences they will need to succeed over the longer term.

Key Stage 2 (Age 7-11)

As your child approaches the transition to secondary school, we support their skills development, fine tuning learning and study techniques in English, Maths and Science along the way. Our lessons are planned around consolidating and building on what is learned in school as children work towards the targets needed to achieve their full potential in the Year 6 SATs tests.

Key Stage 3 (Age 11-14)

There is a huge transition from primary to secondary. Learning changes, more focused on developing thinking skills than learning by rote. Many pupils find the yearly transitions difficult and often benefit from additional help to avoid them falling too far behind. Our tutoring provides the foundation for GCSE and maximises pupils’ options by instilling confidence and building on critical learning skills.


From summer 2016, pupils in Years 2 and 6 began to sit the revised SATs papers, which have as expected been more rigorous than in previous years. They are increasingly used to measure the school’s performance; and also, in conjunction with teacher assessment, to give an overall view of your child’s achievement. We help your child prepare efficiently and effectively for these all-important tests, laying the building blocks for future success in school life and examination scenarios alike.

11+ Entrance Exams

The structure of many 11+ entrance exams is very different to the academic tests your child may have encountered up to this point. The focus is less on what the child knows and more on their ability to reason. Technique and good time management during the exam are critically important. We are familiar with the 11+ examinations set by local schools and can actively assist in your child’s preparation for success on the day.


GCSE exams provide the foundation for A-Level study; which in turn affects university and degree choices. From September 2015, changes have begun to be implemented to the curriculum to accommodate the way GCSEs will in future be graded. Initially, English language, English literature and maths lead the way, with the marking scheme for students receiving their results in August 2017 being changed from the traditional A* to G grades to grades 1 to 9. Grades awarded in other subjects are expected to follow suit in the years afterwards.

Our programme takes into account these new changes and helps children through the transition, ensuring that they are not disadvantaged as they study to achieve the grades they need in order to show commitment to their future path.


This key milestone marks the transition into university for some and a career for others. The pressure and pace can be overwhelming. Our curriculum supports school study while also endowing students with the critical skills needed to answer exam questions. Focused attention on areas students find difficult and on building effective study skills can be invaluable at this time.

Home school

Parents who choose to home school their children do not legally require any formal qualifications to provide that education; and research has shown that this is no barrier to their level of achievement. However, there can be instances and occasions where you might feel your child would benefit from tuition from an individual who has in depth knowledge of, and qualifications in, a particular subject or group of subjects. We are delighted to offer our tutors’ services as an additional resource to your own tuition without having to remove your child from their familiar learning environment.

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