Benefits of Private Tuition

Benefits of Private Tuition

Private tuition is an investment in your child’s future and one that increasing numbers of parents are making year on year. In fact, it’s estimated that one in four children now receive some form of private tuition in the UK. But why isn’t school enough, and what are the benefits of individual, additional tutoring?


Problems faced in the school environment

There is no denying that many schools do a terrific job, but are increasingly under pressures, financial and otherwise. Meeting targets consumes a vast amount of time and energy and sometimes, this can be at the expense of treating your child as the individual he or she is. Accommodating changes to the various curricula, like the present and forthcoming amendments to the way GCSEs will be graded, encroach on teachers’ time. Class sizes are rising, with UK numbers of pupils per teacher exceeding those in most other countries in the developed world.

Advantages offered by tutoring over the classroom

One key benefit of one to one private tuition is that your child will be the sole focus of attention throughout their sessions. Lessons are specifically targeted towards their own learning goals, offering them ample time to learn, understand and thoroughly practise topics and concepts. For the shyer or more reticent child who may be reluctant to admit difficulties in front of a class full of their peers, this can prove invaluable. Even the most able of pupils can find their voice going unheard in the classroom if surrounded by more vocal students; or may become bored at the slow pace of learning at group level. Individual tutoring allows a child to move at his or her own pace.

This approach in itself can assist in building your child’s confidence. Successes are celebrated and built-upon; weaknesses are identified and addressed in a low-key, relaxed atmosphere. Meeting individually set goals can help strengthen resolve, see progress in a more measurable and ongoing way and give children fresh self-reliance and self-confidence to bring back to the classroom environment.

One to one tutoring also assists with identifying and supporting individual learning styles. While teachers endeavor to accommodate all their pupils equally, this can be hard to achieve in practice. By focusing on how your child learns best, a tutor can give them the tools they need to succeed when it comes to revising for formal exams or key milestones such as SATs or school entrance exams.

This brings us onto another key advantage of private tutoring; it provides flexible solutions. Lessons can be scheduled to fit in around your child’s and your own other commitments; whether that is in terms of providing additional support at weekends, during the evenings, school holidays or in the run-up to important exams. Frequency can be increased or extra sessions added to look at specific topics in more detail, for instance. Schools rarely have the time or resources to contribute to an individual child’s learning goals in this way.

Finally, individual private tutoring can result in increased enthusiasm and motivation in the classroom and in schoolwork as a whole. These attributes make further learning more productive – and more fun too.

This is just a summary of the proven benefits available through one to one tutoring. If you’d like to discuss how your child could make the most of private tuition, why not contact us today?

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