Home Tuition vs Group Tuition

Private tuition is on the increase in the UK, with around a quarter of parents now choosing to supplement their child’s education with additional support from a private tutor. Obviously, this comes at a cost, and as parents, you will want to ensure you are investing your child’s time and your own money in the very best solution for meeting his or her learning goals.

Once you have made the decision that extra tutoring would be of benefit to your child, you therefore need to establish the most appropriate method of achieving the results you require. The two main options selected by parents are enrolling their child into group tuition sessions or, more commonly, investing in one-to-one tuition in the home. While there can be benefits to both solutions, our recent experience is that individual tutoring in the child’s own, familiar surroundings offers better results.

With group tuition, no matter how small the class size, your child is one of several and cannot receive the undivided and tailored attention of the tutor for the duration of the whole lesson. A one to one arrangement allows your child to build up a stronger working relationship with the tutor more quickly, which is less easy if he or she is competing for attention with other class members. Your tutor can really get to know your child as an individual and provide emotional as well as practical learning support.

Moreover, even with the small numbers typically involved in group tuition, it is difficult to form a balanced set of pupils who are all at a similar stage of learning. Each child has his or her own learning style and what may motivate one individual in the group is not necessarily the style that will best suit your own son or daughter. Lesson plans entirely bespoke to their learning goals can be drawn up, meaning not a moment of tuition time need be wasted on addressing the often different needs of other group members.

Group tuition sessions are necessarily held at a location other than your own home. This can result in extra time used up for traveling to and from the centre; waiting for other group members to arrive and so on. With home tuition, the tutor comes directly to your door and lessons can begin straight away. Sessions can also be arranged at your convenience, rather than the convenience of the group as a whole. Fitting in additional sessions as a milestone approaches (such as an entrance exam or GCSE) becomes easier. These factors make it the more expedient option for busy parents who already have a host of other commitments to attend to.

There are a host of benefits to your child by receiving tuition in their own home too. Their familiarity with the environment means there are fewer distractions of the ‘new’. Resources, and you as their parent, are immediately on hand as required. And there is time and space for you to interact with the tutor as well, receiving immediate feedback on progress on a weekly basis.

Quite rightly, it is for you as a parent to decide which option is preferable for your child. However, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and offer you the insights of our experienced team if required. We offer a free assessment of, and consultation on, your own child’s needs. Call us to arrange this today.

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