All parents or guardians are entitled to a free consultation and assessment, without obligation, before enrolling their child in Students Intuition’s programme of tutoring.

If you decide your child would benefit from our services, the fee for private home one-to-one tuition is charged at a rate from £37.00 for a 60 minute lesson.

All fees are payable in advance and on a monthly basis.

Payment can be made by BACs, cheque, cash or childcare vouchers.

There is a 10% discount for families enrolling more than one child at Students InTuition. Parents can also take advantage of our Referral Scheme and benefit from free lessons for their child if their referral then signs up with us.

Non-attendance and Cancellation of Lessons

Missing a lesson not only disrupts your child’s learning schedule and progress. It also inconveniences the tutor, who will have spent time on lesson preparation. Students are therefore normally expected to attend the lessons they are enrolled in on a weekly basis. Dates and times are notified to parents termly and in advance in order for arrangements to be made to ensure children can attend. However, we understand that from time to time, circumstances can alter.

Here are our policies on payment and cancellations

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