You’re bound to have questions – tutoring is a big commitment for both you and your child. We are more than happy to discuss queries and concerns at any time. You can contact us freely by phone, or by email learn@studentsintuition.co.uk

However, here are the answers to some of the questions we are most commonly asked.

Must my child attend every week?

In short, yes. Consistency and genuine commitment are vital to each individual child’s success. Of course, there will be scenarios in which illness or a school trip prevents your child attending. In these circumstances, we will do our best to offer an alternative session as soon as possible. We aim for this to be within the same week to retain learning momentum, but if this is not possible, we will reschedule for as soon as possible thereafter.

When are lessons held?

Our lessons are planned to complement and support the school day and local Surrey LEA school term dates. Classes are held during term time on weekdays and weekends.

My child has Special Educational Needs – can she or he still benefit from Students InTuition?

Yes. We have a selection of SENCO qualified tutors. One of our strengths is in treating each child as an individual with unique strengths and weaknesses. Our initial assessment of your child takes all this into account; and sets specific goals that will allow them to work at a pace that best suits them and assists them to meet their own potential.

Can you support my child with home schooling?

Certainly. We actively support the concept of home schooling and can provide tuition on a one to one basis at your home to complement and/ or supplement the learning a child receives from their parents. As the requirements of home-schooled children can be substantially different from school-educated pupils, we’d encourage you to open up discussions with us into what you hope to gain from the tuition process. As with all the tuition we provide, we will work with you and your child to create a bespoke programme that specifically addresses the learning milestones you identify.

What qualifications will my child’s tutor(s) hold?

Every one of our tutors is experienced and fully qualified to teach one or more subjects on the curriculum. We select our tutors carefully from top British universities and based on the experience each can bring to our organisation and your child. Some are past or existing school teachers, while others are trained tutors with a proven track record in their field.

What checks are carried out on tutors?

While there is no formal legal requirement for home tutors to undergo Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, we believe the safety of children is paramount. All Students InTuition tutoring staff have been subjected to Enhanced DBS Criminal Background checks for your peace of mind. We would want nothing less for our own children and understand that you expect the same.

When should I consider using Students InTuition’s services?

Parents have a unique instinct when it comes to the welfare of their children and the best time to contact us is as soon as you have concerns. Common indicators that your child could benefit from tutoring are if your child’s grades or achievements are lower than expected; you notice a dip in their confidence, either in a particular subject or across the board; or if they are facing a particular exam and need dedicated help to succeed. Our free consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at school and diagnose potential problems through our independent assessment in Maths, English and Science.

It is important to address problems as soon as possible, because a dip in self-confidence can so easily affect motivation and achievement. We exist to diagnose and attend to any issues affecting your child’s academic performance, so he or she can really begin to thrive and enjoy school life to the full. This is why we offer tuition to pupils of any age, from Key Stage 1 upwards.

How much do lessons cost?

You will find our charges are competitive and commensurate with the kinds of results we expect to achieve. Private home one-to-one tuition is from £35.00 per hour. Various packages are available if you book multiple subjects and lessons. Parents can also take advantage of discounted costs by enrolling siblings; and there are referral incentives if you recommend our services to others.

Do I have to commit to a long term contract with Students InTuition?

No, on the contrary. While we are confident you will see a marked improvement in your child’s performance over time, we do respect parents’ freedom of choice when it comes to their own child’s future. If you decide to terminate your child’s lessons for any reason, all we ask for is two weeks’ notice in writing.

Does the Students InTuition programme follow the National Curriculum?

Yes. It is vital that the skills and learning your child acquires through our programme will translate smoothly and directly back into the classroom. We therefore align our lessons and overall study goals with the National Curriculum so the two are complementary. Our tutors use curriculum-approved teaching methods to ensure consistency with what they learn at school.

Will my child receive homework?

Yes, upon request. We believe that homework is a further opportunity for children to consolidate and reinforce their learning. We do of course appreciate that the demands on children, both in terms of school-set homework and extra-curricular activities, can be extensive these days. With this in mind, if requested we aim to set students enough homework to challenge and keep them stimulated, but not to a degree that it encroaches negatively on other areas of their lives.

What feedback will I receive about my child’s progress?

The most reliable and satisfying measure of your child’s progress will be as you see their confidence grow and performance improve in the school environment. In addition, parents will receive valuable ongoing feedback from the tutors. You are also, of course, welcome to call or email at any stage with specific queries, for more detailed information or for updates.

My child has been identified as a gifted child - will he or she still benefit from Students InTuition?

Yes. Students InTuition prides itself on tailoring its services to any child, not only those who are experiencing difficulties at school. Students who have been identified as having a particular ability in one or more subject areas will be challenged to match their academic level, rather than being simply bound by their age as in the school environment. This enables us and the student, in conjunction with parents, to set increasingly ambitious personal goals and targets as their study skills improve still further. The sky really is the limit!

I would like to find out more. What is the next step?

We would be delighted to provide a free consultation for you and your child so that you can ensure Students InTuition matches your child’s needs before making any commitment. Simply click on the ‘Free Consultation and Assessment’ button to arrange a time and date convenient for you and your family. Alternatively, we would be pleased to discuss your child’s performance at school over the telephone: complete the Contact Us page or call our team on 01483 338610 to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you have any other questions or require further information on our study programmes, contact us today and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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